Monday, December 31, 2007

Early Riechssportabzeichen Der H.J.

Rare first pattern sports shirt insignia (Reichssportabzeichen). This insignia is referenced in a 1931 copy of an H.J. Z. Kampfblatt der Hitlerjugend ( Hitlerjugend Zeitung). This was used in the earliest days of the H.J. when Kurt Gruber was the youth leader. Very scarce insignia and the only example I have seen other than period illustrations. Second photo is a from the newspaper where this insignia is mentioned. (credit to Garry M.) $ Sold for $700.00 USD.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jugend Ehrendienst Sleeve Triangle

Scarce Jugend Ehrendienst Sleeve Triangle. The Ehrendienst were used during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. They were liasons to the visiting atheletes, performing duties such as translations, tours, ceremonial functions, and hosts. This triangle is quite large when compared to a standard Gebiets triangle. The construction is embroidered, not a Bevo type weave. A very scarce and not often encountered insignia. Second and third photos show this insignia in use during the 1936 Berlin games. See the videos for period footage of this rare insignia in wear during the Berlin games. (credit to Rob Newborough). $SOLD. Sorry.