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Early D.J. Sigrunes

Sigrunes worn by members of the D.J. varied greatly in the early 1930's. Color combinations may have reflected the Landesfarben, the S.A. Gau stucture, or the H.J. Gruppe structure prior to the establishment of the Oberbann system in 1934. The establishment of the Oberbann structure brought uniformity to the Sigrune colors. Prior to that point it is possible to encounter many different color and shape combinations of Sigrunes depending upon region and which organisation the H.J. was subordinate to at the time.
Two versions of an oval blue and red Sigrune. Possibly representing the H.J. Gruppe West of the Hessen-Nassau-Sud Gau of the S.A., or H.J. Gruppe Nord Hamburg prior to the 1933 reorganisation. $160.00 Each.

Early style Sigrune. Non standard and possibly handmade version. It appears to have been sewn to a section of brown shirt type material and worn with the brown backing exposed as evidenced by the hem on the border of the backing. This type of Sigrune would pre date the Oberbann structure of 1934. This color combination of White and Blue was used by HJ-Gruppe Sud (Munchen) for the following locations:

Munchen Sud or Oberbayern





Another variant of the Blue and Red Sigrune from H.J. Gruppe Nord Hamburg. It's my opinion that this rune slightly predates the RZM regulations of 1934, possibly used for a short period around 1933. Earlier variants were embriodered, however this variant is woven the the "Bevo" style similar to the Sigrunes of the Oberbann system. A photo of a similar Sigrune can be found in "Youth Led By Youth" Vol 3 page 71. $150.00

White background with red rune possibly representing H.J. Gruppe Ost/Ostmark of the Berlin-Spandau or Brandenburg Gau of the S.A. This combination was also used by H.J. Gruppe Nordwest Koln, of the Westfalen-Nord and Westfalen-Sud Gau of the S.A. This is the item shown on page 71 of "Youth Led By Youth" Vol. 3, formerly of the Phillip Baker collection. $200.00

Red background with "skinny" white rune. Possibly used by H.J. Gruppe West of the Hessen-Nassau Gau of the S.A. Also possibly from H.J. Gruppe Ostland-Danzig before the 1933 reorganisation, or still possibly an early variant of the Oberbann 1 Sigrune.$150.00

Another red and white example possibly from the locations as the rune shown above. This is the item shown on page 71 of "Youth Led By Youth" Vol 3. Formerly of the Phillip Baker collection. $200.00

Black background with yellow rune and dual colored piped border. This color combination of piping was in use by H.J. Gruppe Nord Hannover-Ost. The same color piping was used by H.J. Gruppe Sud Franken at the time. This was also the color of H.J. Gruppe Osterreich-Karnten (Lintz) before the 1933 reorganisation. $325.00

HJ Gruppe Ost Ostland color Sigrune. $175.00

Blue background with white rune on a black backing. This color combination was used by H.J. Gruppe Sud before the 1933 reorganisation. It is also possibly an early version of the Oberbann 4 Sigrune. $125.00

Green background with white rune. This appears to be a handmade variant. This color combination was used by H.J. Gau Mitte-Sachsen before the 1933 reorganization.$90.00

Green background with white rune and white backing. This appears to be an early variant Oberbann 3 Sigrune. The rune has a very similar shape to the final pattern Oberbann Sigrunes but is slightly elongated in comparisson. $175.00

Black background with white rune. This color combination was used by H.J. Gruppe Schlesien before the 1933 reorganization. It seems to have been a popular color combination due to the many H.J. Gruppe that used it in the early years. Here is a list of several of them.

Also used by; H.J. Gruppe Sud West-Pfalz. H.J. Gruppe Sud West-Hessen-Nassau-Nord; Hessen Nassau-Sud; Hessen-Darmstadt; Hessen-Trier.

H.J. Gruppe Nordwest Westfalen-Nord and Sud; Dusseldorf; Essen; and Koln-Aachen.

H.J. Gruppe Nord; Bremen; Hannover Ost; and Schwleswig-Holstien.

H.J. Gau Berlin.

H.J. Gruppe Ost/Ostmark; Brandenberg; Pommern; and Mecklenberg.
H.J. Gruppe Ostland; Ostpreussen and Danzig. 


Another example of an early non RZM sigrune. Black rune on a blue field. These colors were used by the follow HJ Gruppe.

H.J. Gruppe Sud-West Wuttemberg or Pfalz.

H.J. Gruppe West, Koblenz-Trier.

H.J. Gruppe Nordwest, Koln Aachen.


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