Friday, August 6, 2010

Jungbann 201 Berlin, Moabit, "Herbert Norkus" Insignia

The Norkus patch was worn instead of the normal Sigrune insignia. The Ausweis dates to the earlier part of 1934. Bann 201 was raised officially August 1, 1933 at Ost Berlin with the name Schoeneberg-Moabit. The Oberbann-color for the HY shoulder-strap piping and the piping for the visored cap was first yellow. This was changed into black on January 1, 1934. The name for the Bann was changed simultaneously into Moabit. The name Herbert Norkus was granted first to Schar 2 from Gau Berlin on August 8, 1932. On April 7, 1934 the name Herbert Norkus was granted to Bann 201 and so this name was in use instead of Moabit. For unknown reason the name for the Bann was changed again in Moabit-Schoeneberg on March 1, 1935. The honour-name Norkus was once again granted October 1, 1938.July 11, 1935 the Jungvolk Jungbann I/201 was raised with the name Moabit- Schoeneberg. The roman number was no longer used after August 1, 1937. The name for the Jungbann remained as it was. All information comes from the Verordnungsblatt from the Reichsjugendfuehrung.

On January 24, 1932, Herbert Norkus and other Hitler Youth were distributing leaflets advertising an upcoming Nazi meeting. The group was attacked by Communists and fled. However, Norkus was caught and stabbed twice. He broke free and ran to a nearby house for help, but the owner, a night watchman, slammed the door in his face. Norkus ran to the next building, but the boys caught up to him. He broke free again, hollering for help, he knocked on the door of the building but nobody answered. Norkus was then stabbed six more times. He managed to break free once more, leaving a bloody trail as he stumbled towards the next house. Marie Jobs opened to door, and her mother bent over the body of Herbert Norkus, who had collapsed in the corrider leaving bloody hand prints on the wall where he had tried to pull himself up. The Communists fled. Mrs. Jobs called for a taxi, and Norkus was taken to Moabit Hospital, where he died shortly afterwards

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